Bump Hat Details


It Easily Slides Into Most Ball Caps

Bump hats have ventilation holes on the front and sides for cool, long-wearing comfort. Add the Original Bump Hat Insert to your baseball-style cap to give it additional bump protection.

One Size Fits All

Ideal for protecting the head from lacerations, minor bumps, and bruises in areas that do not require certified safety helmets. Plastic liners offer additional protection against lacerations, bumps, and scrapes to the head area. The Bump Hat Insert is injection-molded with impact polypropylene.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If not completely satisfied with the Original Bump Hat Insert just return it within 10 days for a full refund.

DISCLAIMER: Read this before ordering

The Original Bump Hat Insert is not a safety helmet and does not meet OSHA or ANSI requirements for head protection. Do not use the Original Bump Hat Insert where a sports safety helmet or hard hat is required. Do not use the Original Bump Hat Insert where ANSI-compliant head protection is required.