What is it?  The unique bump cap insert fits inside most standard baseball hats and is designed with cooling ventilation to keep you from overheating.  It’s great where heavy, hot, and expensive hard hats are not required.

Who is wearing bump hats?  The lightweight, cool, comfortable Bump Hat Insert is perfect for unloading & loading trucks, working pest control, auto mechanics, truck drivers, maintenance, grounds keepers, or any work situation where you may bump your head. There is no better insert available.

The bump hat insert is not designed to replace a hard hat or safety helmet.

  • bump hat cap insert from bumphats.comBetter ventilation helps keep your head cool!
  • Customers love the Original Bump Hat insert because it’s comfortable and the low profile design works with more hat styles than competitors.“It’s easy to forget the insert is even there, but every time I’m in a crawlspace, I’m sure glad I have it!”

    -Matt, Findley Pest Control

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  • bump hat cap insert from bumphats.com

    Slides into most ball caps

    Only $3.95 ea.